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Recovering from Religion

Recovering from Religion

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Darrel Ray


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501(c)3 organization[1]

Key people

Darrel Ray (founder)[2]
Darrel Ray (executive director)
Nathan Phelps[3][4]
Jerry DeWitt[2]

Providing practical and personal support to individuals as they deal with issues of faith, doubt, and nonbelief.[5]


Recovering from Religion (RR) is an international non-profit organisation, that helps people who have left or are in the process of leaving religion[6] to deal with any impacts of leaving their faith by creating support groups, providing a telephone hotline for “people in their most urgent time of need”,[7] as well as offering a range of online tools and practical resources.[8] It is headquartered in the heart of Kansas City, Kansas.


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2 Hotline Project
3 The Secular Therapist Project
4 Ex-communications – the RR blog
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RR was founded in 2009 by Kansas-based atheist activist and psychologist Darrel Ray.[2] RR includes former Westboro Baptist Church member Nathan Phelps among its Board of Directors. In December 2011 Recovering From Religion appointed Clergy Project member and former pastor Jerry DeWitt as its Executive Director.[9] Sarah Morehead, once an evangelical Southern Baptist, was appointed its Deputy Executive Director at the same time. DeWitt resigned in 2012 to pursue personal projects. Sarah Morehead was appointed Executive Director on January 1, 2013 and remained until October 25, 2015.[10] Gayle Jordan was appointed Executive Director on January 7, 2016.[11]
In 2012, Recovering From Religion included over 100 local chapters scattered across the United States, each one meeting monthly, typically with 10 to 12 participants.[2] By 2013 RR announced fundraising for its Hotline Project, a toll free phone number featuring trained support agents, which was funded in a matter of weeks, as well as The Secular Therapist Project. In 2014 RR expanded its support resources to include online classes dubbed “Recovering Your Sexuality”[12] for individuals working through the negative impact of religion on their sexual development and identity.
Hotline Project[edit]
RR launched The Hotline Project on the 27th of February 2015 with former pastor Teresa MacBain serving as the Director.[13] According to MacBain, the hotline is a peer-support c