what to wear for the interview.

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General guidelines

Footwear for both men and women should be in proportion to their frame. Those with a smaller or petite frame should not wear a shoe that is heavy soled or too thick as it will draw the attention to the feet. Conversely, those with a larger frame should keep their footwear in proportion to their size – a shoe that is more delicate will throw off the balance.

Shoes, regardless if they are leather or non-leather, should always be sprayed with protector and kept clean and polished. Grass or salt stains and other debris on shoes is unacceptable and unprofessional. You will also burn through those shoes quickly if you don’t give them some TLC. Save your money and invest in the right shoe care.

If they are shoes that you would otherwise wear to the golf course, to the grocery store or the club on Saturday night, then it is possible they are not suited for an office environment.

As it turns out, you can judge a man by his shoes

Laces are generally what separate a ‘dressy’ shoe from a more casual shoe as far as men’s footwear goes.

Laces are the way to go for a business dress look.  Laces give you more options to dress up or dress down, whereas a plain loafer style suggests business casual.

My recommendation to all of my male clients is that they should invest in one solid black OR brown leather (or non-leather equivalent) shoe – brown shoes are a great alternative to black and they go wonderfully with either navy or grey suiting.

A true dress shoe generally always has a leather sole versus rubber. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Leather, while much more durable, will need some added TLC from your cobbler over the years, and some leather soles can be uncomfortable at first.

However, investing in a more expensive leather-soled shoe will give you comfort and durability over the years. Rubber-soled shoes, while less expensive and generally more comfortable, once worn are done and there is little you can do to extend their life.

Invest in a shoe tree – they will keep the shape, absorb any moisture and keep your feet smelling better!

People will notice your socks, so don’t try to have your gym sock double as your work sock.  Stick to the basics and ensure your socks complement your pant color.

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